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Let me tell you a bit about us!

Ten years ago, we fell in love with residential and commercial photography. Each business has its own unique charm and story, and there’s so much beauty in capturing that rich history.
So we decided to pursue our passion, and Urban Cam was born! Our shared interest turned into a real purpose: producing the highest-quality visual content that helps our clients showcase their businesses and tell their stories.

We’re a husband and wife duo, and we’ve been working together since 2012. Our unique strengths and experiences have combined to create the perfect team.
Cauê is our Creative Director; he’s the kind of person who can walk into a room and instantly capture the perfect shot in one take.
Cassia is our Head of Marketing; she’s a fantastic photographer with an extensive background in marketing, so she brings the perfect strategic lense to all our work.

We’ve lived in Sydney for the past few years, but we are both originally from a city in the south of Brazil, called Porto Alegre (Happy Harbour, in English).
In 2012, the real estate market in Porto Alegre was essentially non-existent; Cauê was the first photographer to seize the opportunity and explore it.

This innovative initiative allowed us to: Manage a team of professional photographers and editors; Photograph over 24 residences and commercial spaces dailyCapture over 22k properties so far.

When we’re not capturing homes and businesses, we’re connecting with our clients to understand them, their story, and their vision.
We truly love every minute of our time spent in each aspect of the process and we know that getting to know you and your property allows us to create your perfect photography and videography, every time.

We’ve been working together for a decade, and we have no desire to stop any time soon.
For us, this is so much more than just work, and we couldn’t imagine anything else bringing us this much purpose and joy.

Our vast experience includes work for two television programs: Foxtel’s Love It or List It, and Channel 9’s Space Invaders.
We have a wealth of diverse projects in our portfolio for you to take a look at, and so many stories to share. We’re sure that our years of experience can bring your vision to life.

We would love to connect with you about capturing your business’ story and charm. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!


Together, we are a strong and dynamic duo.

Cauê’s creative eye and Cassia’s marketing expertise will capture your space and brand perfectly. Whether you’re in need of photography, videography, aerial services, floor plans, 3D virtual tour, or headshots, Urban Cam is the perfect fit for you.

Cauê Zanella

Creative Director & Photographer

With more than 19 years of experience as a photographer, Cauê is as dedicated and professional as they come. He has a keen eye for detail, and knows how to capture stunning and creative images for our clients. He’s so creative that sometimes Cassia just can’t figure out how his brain works, but he is absolutely the kind of person that can bring any idea to life through photography, videography, and any other visual experience you can think of. Cauê expertly brings passion and experience to the table, creating magic from beginning to end of each project.

Cassia Both

Head of Marketing

Cassia has over ten years of marketing experience, along with a near decade of photography by Cauê’s side. Her intuitive people skills and impressive marketing portfolio allow her to bring strategy to every project the team works on. She is able to blend her knowledge of the ways different creatives engage their audience to produce visuals that truly tell a story. Cassia truly loves what she does, and anyone she works with will tell you that; she walks into a room and transforms it into a wonder of limitless opportunity.

Let’s connect.

Hi! We are so excited to get in touch with you about all of your visual needs.

If you have a particular service in mind, need some one-on-one deliberation, or you’re just curious about Urban Cam: reach out to us!

We are excited about chatting with like-minded and passionate professionals about their values and goals.

Thank you for taking interest in our passion.

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