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Our journey with photography started 17 years ago, when Cauê, our director, bought his first camera and started exploring the different types of photos. When we decide to work together, our main focus turned into a common passion: creating inspiring images that help clients to growth their business.


We now have been collecting a variety of new clicks and stories to share with you. There are #3 Top Photography Projects you can implement in your business that really help you to have a powerful marketing campaign and prospect more clients.

Are you ready?


#1 Testimonial Video:
Is there a better way to get a new client than receiving them as a referral? We were so happy when we were introduced to Stjohn Axbey Design, specially to have the opportunity to work with this incredible interior designer. On top of that, we made a beautiful testimonial video showing the project, its steps, and all the attention that Stjohn Axbey Design gave to his client – who is in fact referring him to potencial clients. So good to see how things just flows naturally! 

#2 Before and After:

We’ve received a called to photograph the Before & After of the home renovations for Love It or List It on media at Foxtel. This is the best way top showcase the expertise and all the work done by the professionals. As it is the only way to show your style, your highest performance and your creativity. It was a really special project for us. It was our first time photographing for a TV program. And it was the first time Cauê and I were on site together all the time. While he was doing the Before&After, I was doing the behind the scenes for the program.


#3 Branding Photoshoot:
Doesn’t matter if you work in a team or individually. Behind all business and brands, we will always find powerful professionals making difference. We started doing personal and corporate branding photoshoot because we love connection. The briefing was to showcase the style and differentiates the brand. They are innovative, modern and passionate about their work. The photos should create an environment to show Decocorp as a high level and committed company.



All these projects can be your next steps to start building a powerful brand, create a higher engagement, and achieve premium results.

Which one do you prefer?



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