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Now is the time to think differently.
Despite the lockdown, businesses must continue to advertise their services and products online. 

We love to create images and videos that translate everything you need to say about you and your business, your values and personality, your services and products. Our image solutions complement your marketing strategies.

But you already know that we are photographers and videographers, right?

What you don’t know is that we’re going to share 5 tips of what you can do during this pandemic to increase connection with your clients and prospects. 

It’s been 8 years working in the property and commercial photography market. We received so many different briefings, with different business needs, that allowed us to understand what strategies businesses are implementing when talking about connection with customers.

I hope you enjoy these 5 Tips we are sharing with you. Good reading 🙂


It’s time to connect with your clients, and stay top of mind when they need your service or product.

Increase your influence within your local community, showing what your personal brand is all about. I’m talking about who you are, your values, what you have to offer, the benefits of working with you. Show you are more than just your job title, you are a human.

How to do that? 

  • People buy people. Create posts and stories talking about your story, your values, your WHY. 
  • You can engage clients with some real estate quotes to start a conversation, make them associate with the brand and get some feedback.
  • Sharing behind the scenes makes your followers relate to you. It’s a feeling of being approachable, it’s a way they can participate in a bit of what you do, and associate with you. 

Use testimonials to showcase an emotional feedback of your service or product. When people write a testimonial, they write from the heart. It’s an expression of full satisfaction. This makes people connect with your current clients, and increase the desire to work with you.


It’s time to know how to network!
Relationships create conversations, and conversations create clients.

BUT it’s time for good conversations. People are worried about the moment we are living. So try to have a good conversation, in a good mood, ask if they are well, and always pay attention to what they have to say. Be a good listener, and understand how you can help them.

There are many online networkings you can be part of, and even increase relationships with your local community. Remember that before someone hires you, they have to trust you.

Use your social media to establish yourself as the expert in your area, and start creating deep connections. When people start to know you, they start creating a connection with you. Having this, you start building trust and credibility.


It doesn’t matter what market you are in. There are always different ways to advertise and capture the attention of our clients. 

When talking about advertisements we know that image it’s worth a thousand words. And I’m not talking about just photos. I’m talking about a beautiful brochure, a good website, a video of a lifestyle, a great package to deliver your product, and a great presentation when you are on site with your client.

Everything is your image. Explore different ways to connect with your customers and showcase your service or product.

Use and abuse of what showcase the personality of your brand, and that are related to you. Forget free stock images. Your image is about who you are, and it’s when you connect with your client in the first impression.

If you are in the real estate market: explore a video of you talking about the selling points of the property, prepare a digital presentation to send to your clients, contract a professional photographer to create stunning photos, have a floor plan of the property, explore walkthrough videos or 3D floor plan, and add virtual furniture to empty properties. 

Do a LIVE inside the property, like making an online inspection, to talk about the property and show everything clients want to know and see in real time.

If you are in the construction and renovation market: explore the Before & After (photos, videos, construction progress) of your top projects. This is the best way to demonstrate everything you are capable of: your personality, your creativity, your high quality, your expertise.

If you are Marketing of a Hotel or Accomodation: explore the lifestyle with a inspirational video, explore different ways of collaborations (like influencers, photographers, travellers), action shots of the friendly staff, what differentiates you?

What strategy are you going to use?


Remember the Tip #2 about Connection? One of the best strategies related to that it’s sharing your knowledge with your clients.

Share your knowledge with your clients, and help them succeed in their decisions. Help them to take the first step. Explore social media to gain credibility in your market. Be aware of your client’s and market’s needs, and offer tips, Q&A, and fun facts.

A good piece of information opens the door to a closer relationship, and also, increase your visibility. As you are a professional of your sector, the things for you are so natural and simple. But for your clients they can be complex. Bring the information and communicate that in a friendly way, for everybody to understand.

I would love to know a little bit more about investment in properties, for example. Can you capture my attention to your services highlighting important steps or tips to first home buyers?

Also, if I’m in need of renovating my house and I don’t know where to start, can you create content for me about the steps of a renovation and important things to be aware of? 

Day by day, we create great stories with our clients. The best stories must be highlighted in a case study in which you can share what you did to help your clients. Once you’ve closed a deal, or handed over the keys to the new owner, or finished a renovation, ask the client to take a picture, give you a testimonial and celebrate that day.

Remember, now it’s about them! Get excited about the day, highlight the achievements, the issues solved, and how your customers are happy with the final result. Share this to all your audience, tell them how happy you are to help one more client.


We had a really great time creating this content for you. We hope you enjoyed these 5 Tips, and can start applying in your business.


If you need any help from us, give us a call to have a chat.


Let’s grow together! 🙂



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